New Reactions

Desjardins, S.; Andrez, J.-C.; Canesi, S. A Stereoselective Oxidative Polycyclization Process Mediated by a Hypervalent Iodine Reagent Org. Lett. ASAP May 27th, 2011

After a long overdue break, I am finally back! Not much to report, all I can say is chemistry is going quite well in our lab. Between the 3+ projects I’ve got on my plate, I certainly do enough reactions to keep any organic chemist happy. In fact, this week I did my first Wittig reaction (outside the realm of undergraduate chemistry) for a new project I’ve been working on. As I always say, there really is nothing that can beat old organic chemistry. Old reactions simply just work and they are always cool. Like this one turned a neon yellowish color. The only problem is the dreaded triphenylphosphine oxide, a byproduct that is analogous to a bad case of acne. No matter what you try, it…

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