New Drug Approvals


The gene therapy diminished the levels of virus and eradicated in patients having naturally occurring mutation of gene, found a preliminary trail of HIV treatment. The first phase of very small trail tested the SB-728-T gene treatment that is intended to interrupt theCCR5 gene used by HIV to contaminate immune system cells.

The first clinical trial using zinc-finger nucleases to provide long-term resistance to HIV-1 infection has been given the go-ahead by the US Food and Drug Administration. Sangamo BioSciences of Richmond, California, and its clinical partner, the University of Pennsylvania, have begun enrolling the first 12 people in a phase 1 clinical trial to evaluate SB-728-T, a novel zinc-finger DNA-binding nuclease that permanently disrupts the CCR5 gene on CD4+ T cells (Nat. Biotechnol. 26, 808–816, 2008

Data Demonstrate that SB-728-T Possesses Necessary Immunologic Properties to Support a ‘Functional Cure’ for HIV/AIDS

RICHMOND, Calif., March 6…

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