The Synthetic Referee


 You’ll have to excuse my prolonged hiatus from the blogging world since immediately after my exam, which I passed (woot.), I got two projects dropped on top of me which I’ve been working on now for the past month or so.  I appreciate the interest in how my exam went though. 

As for my exam, I know that some people have different experiences so I thought I’d share how it’s done at UVA.  You walk in, there are 3 professors on your board plus your PI who sits there and shakes his head when you say something wrong.  There are two parts to the exam.  The first part involves the 10 min. presentation of your work then 25-10000 min. of questions then the second part which is the critique of a scholarly article which is chosen by your PI which is also 10 min…followed by more questions.  So the first…

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