Nanotechnology, its applications in medicine, pharmaceuticals,drug developments

New Drug Approvals


Nanotechnology can be defined as a technology which deals with manipulation, study, and designing and developing particles, bio-molecules of the size more than 1 nm and less than 100 nanometer, with the intention of modification enhancement or lowering a particular property of a molecule or a particle, which can be used in developing a device or molecule

One of the major applications of nanotechnology is in the area of nanoelectronics with MOSFET‘s being made of small nanowires ~10 nm in length. Here is a simulation of such a nanowire.

.Nanotechnology involves developing materials or devices in the size range of 1 nm to 100 nanometer. At this scale quantum mechanical effects have very important implications in the quantum realm; nanotechnology controls the properties of material on an atomic level.



A serious cause of concern about nanotechnology is its safety and hazardous effects on environment and health…

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